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The Importance Of Visiting A Dentist During Pregnancy

Hello, my name is Karla Madison and this is my blog about the importance of dental care during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my second child, my gums would bleed when I brushed my teeth. I went to my dentist and he told me that I had pregnancy gingivitis. He also informed me that this is a common condition for pregnant women because their hormones are changing during pregnancy. I followed the instructions of my dentist and my gums stopped bleeding and were healthy again. I also started doing research about the importance of dental care during pregnancy. If you're pregnant, you should read this blog to learn why it's so important to keep up with dental care while pregnant. This blog will give you the information you need so that you can have healthy teeth and gums during your pregnancy.



The Importance Of Visiting A Dentist During Pregnancy

Types Of Dentures And Denture Process Basics

by Rose Hale

Tooth loss can hinder your ability to chew and speak, and alter your appearance. It can also cause self-esteem problems. Fortunately, dentures can provide you with an effective solution that can enhance your appearance and restore your oral health. Here are some different types of dentures and how both your dentist and the dental laboratory work together to provide you with your custom-made appliances. 

Types Of Dentures

The type of denture appliances your dentist recommends will depend on your individual needs. If you have lost all of your natural teeth, full dentures may be right for you. They are typically more cost-effective than dental implants and the process of getting dentures takes less time. These removable appliances have an acrylic foundation that looks like your gums and are carefully made so that they match the color and appearance of your original natural teeth.

Partial dentures may be right for you if you are only missing a few of your teeth. Partials help fill the spaces of your missing teeth by securing the appliances to your natural teeth by using attachments such as clasps. Partials can help prevent the misalignment of your remaining teeth by preventing shifting. 

The Denture Procedure

The denture process is done in a few different stages. The initial stage of the process will begin with your dental consultation and oral examination. During this office visit, your dentist will assess your remaining teeth, your gums, and your hard palate. Your dentist will also talk to you about your goals and determine which type of denture is right for you. Measurements and impressions of your oral cavity will also be taken so that your oral appliances will fit properly. 

After your oral examination has been performed and your impressions complete, your dentist will work with the technician from the dental lab to create your new appliances. Based on your measurements and impressions, the lab technician will make your appliances so that they look natural and feel comfortable. This process can take a few weeks, however, your dentist may provide you with temporary appliances while you wait for your new ones.

If you have missing teeth, make an appointment with your dentist to learn about how dentures can help restore your appearance and enhance the health of your mouth. Taking proper care of your dentures such as soaking them in a dentist-recommended product and brushing them regularly will help prolong the life of your appliances. 

To learn more about dentures, reach out to a local service provider.