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The Importance Of Visiting A Dentist During Pregnancy

Hello, my name is Karla Madison and this is my blog about the importance of dental care during pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my second child, my gums would bleed when I brushed my teeth. I went to my dentist and he told me that I had pregnancy gingivitis. He also informed me that this is a common condition for pregnant women because their hormones are changing during pregnancy. I followed the instructions of my dentist and my gums stopped bleeding and were healthy again. I also started doing research about the importance of dental care during pregnancy. If you're pregnant, you should read this blog to learn why it's so important to keep up with dental care while pregnant. This blog will give you the information you need so that you can have healthy teeth and gums during your pregnancy.




The Importance Of Visiting A Dentist During Pregnancy

Ways To Promote Good Oral Health For Children

by Rose Hale

As a parent, you have probably told your children to go brush their teeth, and they have made a fuss. Years later, they are at a dentist's door to extract a painful tooth or fix some other problem. 

So how do you, as a parent, promote good oral health in your children and minimize visits to a pediatric dentist.

Infants and Toddlers (Below Three Years)

Babies' teeth will begin to erupt around the sixth month. Before that, you can readily clean the gums by using a water-soaked washcloth. It is also important to avoid giving children food, milk, or juice just before bedtime. Medication, when given, should be followed by rinsing the mouth with water as it is sweetened and will cause tooth decay. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush when most teeth have erupted. Also help them to floss once a day.

Visiting a Pediatric Dentist 

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your child should visit a dentist before his first birthday, providing an opportunity for you to pick tips on oral health for your children that will, in the long run, save you unnecessary expenses.

As the teeth develop, continue to make regular visits to your pediatric dentist to allow monitoring of your child's teeth. In some cases, a dental cleaning may be required to remove plaque as well as polishing if stained. You will also receive advice on brushing and general oral hygiene.


Children love sweet things. Avoid the temptation to spoil them by coming home carrying candy, cakes, cookies and all stuff sugary.

Focus on healthy nutritious snacks that are low in sugar and high in nutrition. You may include yogurt, vegetables, cold pizza slices, and hard-boiled eggs depending on the child's age. When they are thirsty, give them water.

Three to Ten

Children will make a fuss about oral hygiene, so how do you get them to brush their teeth? You can schedule brushing times where the entire family is involved and by imitation, your child will join. Be a good role model to your children by praising them for their good habits and by taking care of your own teeth. In addition, create some rewards, like a trip to the zoo for consistently brushing and flossing.

Finally, those regular visits to the pediatric dentist, even when there are no complaints, may correct other unseen dental problems. For more tips, visit dental offices like Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.